The Pike County Farm-City Committee is sponsored by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and is made up of volunteers and representatives from all types of local businesses throughout the county. 

The purpose of the Committee is to deepen awareness of and bridge the gap between rural farm life and urban life in our community. While many differences exist between the two, they also heavily rely on each other to provide what we know as the American way of life. For example, farmers operate on a different time schedule than most people. They are up at sunrise 365 days out of the year, and they spend countless hours, days, and nights to produce an abundant crop that will essentially put food on our tables and clothes on our back. They provide the food, fiber, and forest products that we enjoy each and every day.

However, our farmers couldn’t make it without the communication and collaboration with urban workers in the city. These are the grocers, truck drivers, factory workers, computer scientists, bankers, veterinarians, chemists, salesmen and numerous others that all play a vital role in getting the agricultural products from the fields to our homes. Therefore, both rural and urban ways of life are essential for a community to survive.

The Committee is actively involved in the Pike County community throughout the year and provides numerous educational opportunities and awards. It's biggest events take place during the Fall and harvest season and include the annual job swap, Classroom in the Forest, an International Student Event, the Farm-City tour, and the annual Farm-City Banquet. The Committee also participates in the Pike County Fair, Pike County Farm Days, Pioneer Days, and the Peanut Butter Festival.

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