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COVID-19 (Coronavirus):


Current Situation

The complete clinical picture with regard to COVID-19 is not fully known. Reported illnesses have ranged from very mild (including some with no reported symptoms) to severe, including illness resulting in death. While information so far suggests that most COVID-19 illness is mild, a report out of China suggests serious illness occurs in 16% of cases. Older people and people of all ages with severe underlying health conditions — like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, for example — seem to be at higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness. (CDC)

What May Happen

More cases of COVID-19 are likely to be identified in the United States in the coming days, including more instances of community spread. CDC expects that widespread transmission of COVID-19 in the United States will occur. In the coming months, most of the U.S. population will be exposed to this virus. Widespread transmission of COVID-19 could translate into large numbers of people needing medical care at the same time. Schools, childcare centers, and workplaces, may experience more absenteeism. Mass gatherings may be sparsely attended or postponed. Public health and healthcare systems may become overloaded, with elevated rates of hospitalizations and deaths. Other critical infrastructure, such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, and sectors of the transportation industry may also be affected. Healthcare providers and hospitals may be overwhelmed. At this time, there is no vaccine to protect against COVID-19 and no medications approved to treat it. Non-pharmaceuticalinterventions will be the most important response strategy to try to delay the spread of the virus and reduce the impact of disease. (CDC)

Ready to Respond

As stated, this situation is dynamic and changing every hour. As your emergency responder and infectious control expert, we want you to know that:

“When called upon, our trained & certified team is ready to respond to sanitize and disinfect your commercial facility”

The objective of this document is to offer facility directors and municipality leaders a planned response option to a potential Coronavirus outbreak. We are offering a 3 Phase plan which is fully supported by the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).                                                         

Phase 1:

Preventative Phase - (YOU) follow the CDC steps for minimizing the risk of spread. These steps can be found on the CDC website (CDC.GOV) and are included as attachment within this document. 

Phase 2: 

Response Phase - (WE) will respond when called upon. Following the CDC, EPA, and OSHA guidelines, we will use an approved hospital grade disinfectant to clean & sanitize your facility.. 

Phase 3: 

Maintenance Phase - (US) Once the emergency cleaning and disinfecting of your facility is complete, together as a team, we will monitor this fluid situation to ensure that your facility maintains a safe & healthy status. These steps may include scheduled ULV fogging or misting with a hospital grade disinfectant and additional training of facilities maintenance staff. As your infectious control professional, we will continue to stay ahead of this situation and do everything possible to keep the occupants of your facility safe and healthy throughout this event and beyond.

General Information – COVID 19

Some good news is that Coronaviruses such as COVID-19 are enveloped viruses, which are the easiest viruses to kill. Actually, they are in the easiest of all microorganism categories. The EPA & CDC state that if an antimicrobial product can kill a small, non-enveloped virus it should be able to kill any enveloped virus. 

Disinfectant and Chemical Selection

There are many products available to neutralize COVID-19. We do not recommend a cleaning and disinfectant for use unless it is EPA registered, which means that product has been proven by a third party for claims of effectiveness. Products used against COVID-19 should be “hospital grade” as per the EPA. Check the EPA website, instead of just trusting hearsay.

Clients should request and review Safety Data Sheets for any product being used in their facility. The contractor is required to have these sheets onsite and available.

Considerations for disinfectant selection:

Some disinfectants are corrosive and can damage electronics if improperly used or even properly used. Disinfectants that are corrosive or toxic require special protective equipment for applicators. The protective equipment is not only determined by disinfectant choice, but also the delivery system such as: wet fogging, misting, spraying, etc. The different applications produce different OSHA related concerns for applicator safety. Some disinfectants may require a facility to be vacant during application then for a period of time after application. Some facilities, such as hospitals, may never close, so placing containment barriers that eliminate air and particulate matter transitioning freely is necessary. 

Contractor Requirements

As dictated by OSHA and EPA, both produce requirements and compliance standards for spraying disinfectants in a facility.   

A contractor who applies disinfectant in this situation should have staff that are qualified with the following:


We are working around the clock to ensure our readiness to respond to your situation. We have the qualified infectious control teams (ICRA) who meet all EPA & OSHA requirements needed to safely and thoroughly disinfect your facility . We have the knowledge, training and experience to respond when called upon. We are on call 24/7 until which time we have beaten this virus and our lives have returned to normal. 

ALABAMA RESTORATION 24/7 emergency hotline: 866-303-3461

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